Second Seven Summits

Mount Logan is in the Yukon Territory, not too far from the Alaska border, many
climbers actually fly in to base camp from the U.S. It is probably comparable in
difficulty to Denali; high and cold and probably requires about a 3 week
expedition. But it is more remote and much less frequently climbed than Denali;
it would not be surprising to be virtually alone on the mountain.

In South America, Ojos del Salado is on the Chilean - Argentinean border some
400 miles north of Aconcagua. It sounds like straightforward non-technical climb
similar to Aconcagua although there is some scrambling right at the top. Again,
it is much less frequently climbed than Aconcagua and there are no mules to
help up to base camp!

Europe's Dykh Tau is in the same vicinity as Mount Elbrus but is a much more
demanding climb. The mountain is located in a beautiful climbing area called the
Bezengi Valley. The climb is technical with some steep ice. It probably requires 2
or 3 bivouacs in difficult terrain.

In Africa, Mount Kenya is in the country of Kenya and is not too far from
Kilimanjaro in neighboring Tanzania. It's a huge mountain with a number of
peaks, Batian peak being the highest. Batian peak is a rock climb which is
reached after a 2 or 3 day approach hike. It sounds like it is about a 30 pitch
climb with the hardest climbing at about the 5.8 level. Many parties do the rock
climb in 2 days, bivouacking after 15 pitches and then finishing the climb and
descending the next day.

Mount Tyree is only few miles from Mount Vinson in Antarctica. As far as I can
tell, only seven people have summited Tyree. But I'm not sure if this is just
because it is remote and because most folks just want to climb Vinson or
whether it's really difficult. My guess is that it is plenty hard, certainly way
harder than Vinson. It is fortunate that Tryee can be approached using the
same planes that get people to Vinson.

Ngga Pulu is only a few miles from Carstenz Pyamid and can be climbed from the
same basecamp. There are still a few resources that say another mountain,
Puncak Trikora (also called Mount Wilhelmina), is higher than Ngga Pulu but it
doesn't seem that anyone has climbed it for 50 years. I have little additional
information about either Ngga Pulu or Puncak Trikora. This is a true "blank spot
on the map".

And finally there is K2 In Asia. It may or may not be the hardest, most
dangerous mountain on the planet but it's close and it's not for amateurs.